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Reflections on TPG's Art program

Updated: Feb 29

The past quarter has been exciting for the TPG portfolio as we lead up to the roll out of our collaboration with local artists. We’ve worked on finalizing plans for art installations (and the accompanying necessary structural enforcement) at both the 78704 Neighborhood Center @ South First and Evergreen @ South Lamar.  We know that having outstanding public art on our properties will enhance our local communities and neighborhoods.

Creative place-making is at the heart of our brand because we recognize that the fierce independent spirit of Austin’s artists, makers, and entrepreneurs is what makes our city exceptional.  We embark on this project recognizing arts powerful ability to unite and create community. We want our pride of ownership to shine through to our tenants and their customers.   We are collaborating with local artists so that they can leave their mark on our properties. The social capital that our installations can generate is one that can tie a neighborhood together.

 Strip malls are where neighbors connect and gather.  There is an energy as people come and go, stay awhile or swing by only for a few minutes as part of their weekly regimen. Strip malls are meeting places.  Whether those connections happen at the coffee shop, juice bar, yoga studio, boutique gift or clothing store, gym or barbershop.  Our strip malls are places where the tenant mix supports each other and its immediate communities.

Adding public art into the mix provides an aesthetically pleasing experience and a conversation piece for the community. We look forward to continuing to make first rate centers in Austin that support and enhance the communities they are in. 

We started our program with award-winning visual artist Ender Martos, who is currently finishing the design of a striking 3d mural that will be part of our 78704 Neighborhood Center on South First Street. Martos has lived in Austin for over two decades and finished a degree in Studio Art at the University of Texas; he is one of those artists who have kept this city wonderfully weird through all the different changes. Martos creates kinetic art using different mixed media; his sculptures move with every step the viewer takes. You can watch the video below to learn more about one of Martos' latest public art pieces in Houston.

In the photos below, Adam and Ender discuss possible ideas for the Burleson & 71 property. We are very excited to begin building Way of Life, the piece that Ender and his creative team are creating for the 78704 Center.


Join our community to be a part of our story

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Join our community to be a part of our story

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Join our community to be a part of our story

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